Innovative ways to use office space

Are you keen to transform your office into a more forward-thinking, collaborative space for both you and your employees, but you’re not sure where to start? Don’t panic. There are a few simple and innovative ways you can make the most of your space, all of which can help inspire your workforce. To find out more, keep reading.

Flexible seating options

In an office environment, providing comfortable, supportive chairs for your employees to use is an absolute must - but there’s no reason why you can’t mix it up by introducing different types of seating into the space. 

Flexible seating gives your workers choice. Aside from traditional, computer-style chairs, you could try to intersperse your office with a variety of different options. For example, foldable chairs make it easy for employees to gather for an impromptu discussion, while bean bag seats are ideal in breakout spaces to create a relaxed setting for informal chats. 

Casual meeting areas

There’s no doubt you want your personnel to work hard, and you might think that the only way to ensure workers stay focused on the job at hand is by creating a traditional style office consisting of long banks of workstations and closed off meeting rooms.

The truth is, you may find that your employees work better in a more relaxed, casual environment - especially when it comes to holding meetings with other members of staff. This way of working could help to promote creativity, enabling members of staff to share ideas in an informal setting.

For instance, instead of seeing a meeting room as an isolated area, why not create an inviting, half-open and half-closed space? You could use privacy screens or partitions to fashion a temporary meeting area so employees can collaborate as and when they feel the need to.

Cluster style desks

While long, rectangular banks of computers may work perfectly well in some office spaces, they can mean that employees are not as engaged with each other as they could be. Instead of having workers positioned in such a uniformed format, you may find that organising workstations in clusters is a much more innovative way to use the space available.

A cluster desk system usually consists of one large table-like surface with sections for multiple people to sit. When in use, employees are positioned facing towards the middle of the table, meaning that each person can see everyone else. The style of these desks encourages members of staff to interact with each other, making it easier for them to work together as a team.

In being more flexible and creative with your office design, you should find that you’re able to create a more dynamic, productive and pleasant place to work for you and your workforce.